The Possible Rise of Linux as a Proper Gaming OS

Matthew Humphries, writer for Geek, wrote today about GOG’s recent pledge to begin supporting Linux and notes that:

Bringing GOG’s huge range of classic games to Linux is fantastic news and yet another reason for Windows/OS X users to consider moving to the alternative operating system. If we could just get a few more hardware companies to start offering Linux as a pre-installed option on their PCs and laptops, we might have the start of a mini-revolution on our hands.

As a Linux user myself, the news that there’ll soon be more support for Linux as far as games goes is good news.  I don’t really consider myself a big gamer but there have certainly been games that I wish I could play but sadly couldn’t.  What I’m wondering though is how much of an impact will GOG’s decision make on the larger community of gamers?  Obviously, having more games available is great news for people using Linux and I certainly know some people who only continue to stay on Windows because it has better support for games but what about the people who only learned of Linux when Steam announced their Steam OS?  Even if hardware companies were to offer Linux distros such as Ubuntu pre-installed on their desktops and laptops, would that really convince people to switch to an entirely new operating system?

While I’m unsure if a mini-revolution could really occur, I’m at least glad that Linux users will soon have even more games to play.

Also, the original announcement by GOG can be found here


Yet Another Attempt at a Blog

I honestly can’t count how many times I’ve tried to begin blogging.  Each and every time, my efforts failed to really amount to anything.  I’m sure that I can come up with a dozen of reasons why I failed each and every time but I’m also sure that if I really wanted to, I could have found a solution to each and every one of those reasons.  That being said, I want to try again.  I want to try this again and this time, I want to come out on top.  I don’t want to give in to those excuses and reasons that I’ve let hold me back until now.  This time, I really want to do something.

What’s that something?  Well right now, it’s tech.  For the last year and a half, I’ve had a hundred or so articles flow into my RSS feed each day.  While I can’t say I read each and every article, I’ve made it a point to read as much as I can.  From all of this reading, I’ve come to really enjoy technology.  It’s really something I find interesting and I’d love to write about it as a tech journalist some day.

Of course, some day won’t happen if I don’t take the first step.  For a while now, I’ve been hesitant because I’d tell myself that “I don’t know enough” or that “I don’t really have much to contribute” when it came to technology but with the advice of a respected friend and the loving support of my best friend, I’ve decided to stop accepting excuses and letting them hold me back.

I’m still not sure what I have to contribute and how things will turn out but for now, I’ll borrow a bit of John Gruber’s writing style from the Daring Fireball until I figure out my own style (hopefully he or anybody else doesn’t mind).  These posts will be primarily my opinions, responses, or perspectives on things I read.  At other times, there’ll be posts about my own hobbies or maybe something else I’m feeling passionate about.  Regardless though, I hope you’ll join me as I once again, attempt to blog.